Extremely knowledgeable

If you have never been through a trust and will experience, it is an extremely frustrating process. I have been to Iraq a few times (decorated combat disabled/veteran) and a trust and will experience is worse!! Alex is a family oriented man and extremely knowledgeable in his craft. He was able to negotiate a deal for our family that will set us up for years! We had family that we have trusted for decades turn on us. When it comes to money, family will turn on each other which is very sad. We called Alex on a Friday and on Monday he was in a 12-hour probate with us. Yes, 12 HOURS!! Alex is not just any other lawyer. I can whole hearty say, he is now considered a family friend!!!

— Patrick M.

You guys are the best!

Greg is awesome! He is Very efficient and knowledgeable. He is always available to answer calls along with the many questions I need to be answered. I am always thanking him for our therapy sections!! These brothers (Alex and Greg) make an awesome team! Thank you Greg for being on the other side when I am freaking out!! You guys are the best.

— Demetra K.

Outstanding client services!

Outstanding client services!  We worked with Alex and Greg to create our first family trust and the experience was excellent!  The team is knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with.  I would highly recommend that you work with a local, knowledgeable attorney like Biddle Law over the generic templates so many people try to fill out themselves online.  Not only did we get a great product at an excellent price but the customer service is just fantastic.  We needed some extra forms for a recent home purchase and help understanding how to open a new account under the trust.  Alex and Greg were quick to help and make sure it was done right the first time.  Thank you again Alex and Greg, keep up the great work!

— Anonymous

Can’t thank him enough!

If I could give Alex a zillion, a billion, a trillion stars I would. Trusts and will are never easy or pleasant but Alex was so knowledgeable and cool that it made the experience stress free and painless. Before I went to Alex I must have considered and consulted 5 other lawyers who gave me the run around or wouldn’t fight for our trust since it was a revision. Alex took the time and effort to answer my questions and meet with me time and again to get it done perfectly. He can be reached in person or via email and is just 100% legitimate and awesome. I can’t thank him enough for all his help in helping us with the trust and will we had to amend.

Muchas gracias!! Merci beaucoup!! I can’t say it in enough languages. Thanks Alex!

— Jack R.

Quality Service

Alex and his staff were great. He is a knowledgeable and no nonsense attorney. Time with him was well spent, and he delivered quality services at a fair price. Thank you!

— Becca D.

Best Experience

Alex got done what we needed him to get done and did so in an expedient and friendly manner. Maybe the best experience I’ve had hiring an attorney.

— Alex A.

Compassionate & experienced attorney

It took me a long time to find Mr. Biddle but I’m happy I didn’t give up in my search to find a knowledgable, professional and personable attorney to help our family out in a difficult time. It was easy to get an appointment when I called, so we spent the next two days gathering and organizing all the information we could before our meeting. He took time to go over the documents, explaining which were important and what wasn’t (It can be difficult in emotional situations to think clearly), and what would be helpful to get for him. He took action quickly and ultimately came to a resolution that was better than we could have hoped for. He’s a compassionate, experienced attorney. He knows the law and really works hard on behalf of his clients. Highly recommend.

— Dena M.

Knowledgeable, easy going, and incredibly helpful

A couple weeks ago, I went to Alex seeking advice about a complex property situation. It involved a family property, and I needed advice about the best way to deal with it. However, because I’d be discussing the issue with my family, I was concerned about making sure that we had some options, so that it wouldn’t lead to a family dispute. After a short meeting, Alex presented me with some great recommendations and multiple routes that we could pursue. It was clear that he’d dealt with similar situations in the past and knew how it could be handled. There were follow-up services he could provide, but wasn’t pushy at all, and said to just let him know if we needed anything when we decided which way to go. Overall, Alex was knowledgeable, easy going, and incredibly helpful. I walked out of that meeting with more information and fewer concerns. Thanks!

— Joe M.


My mother recently passed away and Alex Biddle is taking care of the paperwork, transferring property and getting us new tax id numbers for the trusts we caretake.  It has been difficult to need to take care of business when one is grieving but Alex and his team have been great in taking care of the details for us. I have had a few instances where I needed a question answered on the phone and he was right there for me. I am thankful.

— Ca W.
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