Knowledgeable, easy going, and incredibly helpful

A couple weeks ago, I went to Alex seeking advice about a complex property situation. It involved a family property, and I needed advice about the best way to deal with it. However, because I’d be discussing the issue with my family, I was concerned about making sure that we had some options, so that it wouldn’t lead to a family dispute. After a short meeting, Alex presented me with some great recommendations and multiple routes that we could pursue. It was clear that he’d dealt with similar situations in the past and knew how it could be handled. There were follow-up services he could provide, but wasn’t pushy at all, and said to just let him know if we needed anything when we decided which way to go. Overall, Alex was knowledgeable, easy going, and incredibly helpful. I walked out of that meeting with more information and fewer concerns. Thanks!

— Joe M.
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